Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Yeah, ok. So I wasn't all consistent with updating my blog during the school year. Best of intentions and all that. Truthfully, I don't often feel that I have much interesting to report. At this stage, I know that one of my most faithful (non-family) readers is my husband's non-teacher friend who lives in Maryland and I'm pretty sure he's just being supportive. (Don't get me wrong, J. I appreciate it and please keep reading. I value your feedback.)

So here's a just-so-you-know-I'm-still-alive-and-in-love-with-teaching post...

Summer plans. First, lots of beach time with the kids. How have I lived here my whole life and not been totally obsessive about the peaceful, beautiful, totally recharging power of the beach?! Yeah, I have no idea, but let's just say that I am totally making up for lost time.

Secondly, I'll be doing lots of reading. I've already finished Flip Your Classroom by Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams and I'm half-way through Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.

Seriously great reads. I'm planning to flip my Algebra 1a class next year if my Superintendent says it's ok. I need to prep some materials to do a formal pitch for her soon. I'll post that stuff here for the interweb's approval as soon as I get it done.

As far as teaching like a pirate This guy Burgess is really good at challenging you - like really getting in your a face and making you acknowledge some things - and then at the same time, inspiring you to believe in yourself and equipping you to reach for the next level. I hope to do some reflecting about the neat things happening in my brain with that book.

I'll also be prepping a curriculum for my Consumer Math class next year! Super exciting things happening there - my admin is letting me fly with the standards alone which is so fun because that means I get to flex my creative muscles and design a challenging and engaging learning experience on my own. While I'm VERY excited about this opportunity/challenge, I'm also more than a little bit frightened. Time to put on my big girl panties and see what I'm really made of. I wish I had some Ron Clark confidence. That guy has no fear and just makes amazing things happen. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Which brings me to my next point...I really wish that I had some math teacher friends that I could hang out with and brainstorm with in real life. I need some people who are idealistic like me, experienced enoug to know this job is super tough, but still naive (and brave) enough to really believe we can break the mold. Super-psyched-math-teacher, party of one, is getting a little annoying.

And finally, to anyone who thinks teachers have it easy because we get summers "off"....yeah, that idea is so rediculous I don't even have a clever response to it!! When you love teaching, there is no "off" switch. I eat, sleep, breathe teaching and learning and creating all year round. It's exhausting. And wonderful.

And you wish you were me.

That is all for tonight. Peace out!