Friday, July 12, 2013

Follow, follow, follow, follow...follow the yellow brick road!

Before we get going, let me just say, I'm certain that the world doesn't need another teaching blog.  I know. 

But...ya know what? I do. 

Reflection is so important when you're growing as a learner so I need a place to process and sort through all of my teaching thoughts with a bit of the rest of my life thrown in too. My husband isn't a teacher and I don't have many teacher friends yet're it, bloggosphere. You're my teacher friend. I'll throw my ideas around with you - the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we'll pretend that no one is listening or reading, or whatever. 

Now, let's have a chat about this title, shall we? Learning and growing is a journey. I think it's an exciting journey which therefore qualifies it as a bonafide adventure. As I set out on this adventure, in search of a magical wizard, I'm fairly certain I'll simply find other ordinary teachers like me. All that I need to become a master teacher is within me - I just need to enjoy the journey to discover what I already possess. My heart is filled with anticipation and anxiety mingled together as I try to wrap my brain around the vast unknown that lies before me. 
 High school and meetings and gradebooks - OH MY! 
 I know (because I've seen the movie) that the yellow brick road leads through the wonderful and the treacherous, but if I stay committed, gather some friends along the way, and if we work together, amazing things can be accomplished and life will never be the same. 

 So...without further adieu...let the adventure begin!

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